Businesses We Love

These talented professionals support youth

in foster care and their caregiving families.

We are happy to recommend their services

for all families!


 Whether they’ve swaddled newborns for their first photoshoot, preserved the emotions and celebrations of adoption days at our local courthouses, or photographed our ever-changing families- their love, acceptance, and understanding is palpable.

Adoption celebrations, courthouse sessions family portraits, and more! Ashley and her team handle it all.

Maternity, newborn, child and family photography. Located in the East Bay Area of CA, with a studio located in Brentwood.

Little Bird Photography

little fingers. little toes. big feelings.

birth days, birthdays, adoptions, thursdays.

let’s capture them all.

Ethnic Hair Care

We are happy to recommend these businesses

that provide quality hair care eduction & services for children. 

Tress Your Best...

 offers a safe space to explore an easily overlooked topic for transracial foster families—teaching young girls and their families how to care for and nurture ​the unique properties of ethnic hair. Our efforts are designed to celebrate non-traditional family structures and also acknowledge the diversity within them. 

Tashawna Lewis

Ms. Lewis is a skilled and talented mobile braider who loves making people feel beautiful. She has volunteered with Tress Your Best.